Saint Michael's Media needs your prayers!

Saint Paul reminds us that our foes in this fallen world are principally evil "powers and principalities" who hate us as disciples of Christ and who detest His Church.

Please consider offering a spiritual bouquet on behalf of St. Michael's Media to aid in its important mission of saving souls and proclaiming the truth of the Faith.

Your spiritual bouquet can be as simple as the offering of a Divine Mercy Chaplet or having a Mass said for the apostolate. Other possibilities may include saying a Rosary, a novena, the Chaplet of Seven Sorrows, the Chaplet of St. Michael, the Way of the Cross, or even some other favorite devotion.

On behalf of St. Michael's Media staff and supporters, I would like to thank you for considering this request. May God bless you and your family for your kindness.

Mike Sherry
President, Saint Michael's Media

Use the form below to make your offering of a spiritual bouquet for Saint Michael's Media and Church Militant.

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